Lucam, Sustainable Printing Company

Printing with the maximum environmental commitment

Lucam, a sustainable printing company committed to the environment, is certified in EMAS (Community Eco-Management and Audit Regulation), a tool developed by the European Union that recognizes those companies that have implemented an Environmental Management System and have acquired a commitment to continuous improvement, verified through independent audits.

Paper is not only still valid in terms of graphic and visual communication, but is also the most sustainable alternative to the environmental problems caused by plastic.

industry evolution

The role of the graphic sector

The graphic sector, which used to be considered a sector that was not very respectful of the environment -because of deforestation, water consumption and some interested propaganda- leads the industry as a clean and sustainable circular economy sector, concerned about forest growth and the cleanliness of rivers.

The Spanish paper industry, the main supplier of raw materials for the Graphic Arts, contributes to the UN sustainable development and responsible consumption goals (SDG12), with the efficient use of water, energy and circular management of waste from the process.

At Lucam we believe that being a sustainable printing company is the only possible way to preserve the environment.