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A los pinos el viento it is a portrait of one of the most outstanding bonsai collections in Europe, that of Luis Vallejo, and a portrait of the collector through his collection. Far from an approach from botanical science to the specimens that make it up, the book presents the trees from the poetics and the time of their design and creation. and it does through a corpus of photographs taken, over several years of dialogue with the collection, by Fernando Maquieira, to which, in the register of the image, the preamble of Carmen Ballvé is added with its sober musicality; two languages ​​to talk about the same universe. The register of the word —opened by the presentation of Felipe González— also takes two aspects: in one, brief texts or quotes are intertwined with the trees to incorporate the gaze of their creator, either as an evocation of the experience or as an invocation of the literary association; in the other, the story of José María Parreño traces a trip to the world of bonsai through the relationships that a chance cultivated by sense establishes between various news or written, historical or imaginary testimonies. Lastly, the sketchbooks provide the volume with the simplest and most direct form of expression of the author’s bond with his trees.

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