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The exhibition that the Prado Museum will dedicate to Guido Reni will be the great exhibition of the spring of 2023. It will propose a comprehensive review of the contribution of this great Bolognese master to the art of his time, from the most recent historiographical contributions and paying special attention to his link with Spain, which was manifested in the collection of his works by the crown and the highest aristocracy, and in the influence of his successful iconographic models on some fundamental artists of the so-called Century of Gold.

It will bring together approximately 100 works that will include painting, sculpture and graphic work, in which works by contemporary creators in the field of painting and sculpture will be exhibited in dialogue with those of Reni, to invite reflection on the multiple interactions with this other art that are manifested in his painting. Several works can be seen for the first time and others will be presented after an important restoration process.

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